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A-level Economics

Economics is a study of the wider world and the various economic models.

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Exam Board: Edexcel


Economics is a study of the wider world and the various economic models. Microeconomics looks at how firms and consumers interact and how governments set about solving issues. Macroeconomics will look at broader issues and relationships between a government and various economic institutions.

Entry Requirements

GCSE Maths and English, both at grade 4 or above, will be necessary. A keen interest in the economy is also a great advantage, including an awareness of current affairs.

Course Content

At Bosworth, Economics is designed to create the leading analytical minds of the next generation. Bosworth students will leave, not only with the skills and techniques to succeed in their exams, but also a firm grounding in an increasingly lucrative career.

  • Theme 1: Markets and Market Failure (Year 12)
  • Theme 2: The UK Economy (Year 12)
  • Theme 3: Business Behaviour & The Labour Market (Year 13)
  • Theme 4: Global Perspective (Year 13)

A-level Economics, particularly the Edexcel Board, will test the logical processing skills of the students. They will learn to think clearly and quickly. They will sharpen their mathematical skills and apply them to real-life situations. This will enable the student to truly value their academic studies. There is also ample time to debate current issues and we will develop in our students the ability to see current arguments from a multitude of viewpoints.

Where Does it Lead?

Economics is what we call an ‘Open Option Subject’. All industries need analytical minds and commercial skills. Careers in music, drama, television and sports are open to you as an individual with a good, sound grasp of commerce. This is alongside other rewarding careers in banking, finance, entrepreneurship, business, management, law, politics, industry, travel and education. As a numerate subject, the skills are highly transferable and open doors to universities and employment alike.


AS (Year 12)

Two 90-minute papers. One macro and one micro.

A-level (Year 13)

Three 120-minute papers. One each for macro and micro plus a third, synoptic paper.

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